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FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions
Highlander Charters, Inc.
Atlantic Beach, NC

What should I bring to go out on the water?
Dress: Bring a hat, cap or sun visor plus polarizing sunglasses and sunscreen with a high SPF. Rain gear may be necessary. Dress for the seasonal temperatures and climate. Email Captain Ron or call for advice about the conditions at a particular time of year.
Food and drink: Bring food, snacks, plenty of water & soft drinks, but minimize the beer.
Other: A camera and film.

fishing off boat in ocean What is your alcohol and drug policy?
If you bring beer, drink responsibly. If anyone gets drunk, the charter is over and there is no refund. NO HARD LIQUOR.

Do you offer sight seeing trips?
In addition to fishing trips, I offer sight seeing trips, Real Estate tours. Our trips include the fireworks on the Fourth of July, sunsets, waterway tours and more.

How about bringing my kids?
Children are welcome.

What other services do you offer?
I can also do orientation tours on your boat to help you become more confident and more compliant.

Any advice about motion sickness?
If you are susceptible to motion sickness, you might try an OTC pill known as Bonine *BUT* always ask your doctor before taking any medicine. Normally you take 1/2 a pill the night before the charter trip and second half of the pill on the morning of the trip.
Make sure you get a complete night of sleep before the trip and do not eat either a big supper or breakfast beforehand. Also avoid eating foods that have a lot of grease or that are heavy. Also avoid drinks with caffeine such as colas or coffee. And bring plenty of water to drink on the trip.

Highlander Charters, Inc.
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