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About Captain McPherson and Highlander Charters

portrait captain mcpherson
Captain Ron McPherson has fished the Carteret County waters for over 50 years. His father started taking him to Core Banks and they fished the north side of Drum Inlet when he was about eight years old. They started fishing out of Atlantic Beach in the mid-1950s.

When Ron grew up, he served two years in the Navy and then got a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from NC State University in Raleigh. He is also a Professional Engineer (P.E.) and a Professional Land Surveyor (P.L.S.).

After years of driving to Atlantic Beach from Durham, Raleigh and Winston-Salem, he moved to Carteret County and Atlantic Beach in 2003 which is now his permanent address.

He is licensed by the US Coast Guard and his boat comes with all of the required safety equipment. His charter service also carries a blanket salt water fishing license, so you do not have to buy one.
speckled trout caught by captain mcpherson

Speckled Trout

Highlander Charters, Inc.
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